My wife suggested the treatment – in fact she booked my initial consultation. I wasn’t too sure but I am so glad she did! She’s the only one who knows, everyone else just says I’m looking ‘well’.

Michael Mateza - Alopecia

It was my partner who suggested I consider Micro Scalp Clinic as he read an article in a magazine and couldn’t believe this treatment existed! I’d always been conscious of my failing hairline. I’ve had the treatment now for 6 months and can’t believe the difference.

Michelle Crow - Hair Loss

I'm 45 and never had a tattoo before, never mind one in such a prominent position. I had 3 sessions with a Micro Scalp Clinic consultant before eventually taking the plunge. They were patient and understanding even on the third visit.


Scott Sanchez - Scar

The process was so gradual no one noticed, even the first couple of days after the treatment it just looked slightly sunkissed. My mum (who I guess knows me best 😉 said “You look different, I can’t put my finger on it – just healthy. Have you been going to the gym?


Henry Kolms - Hair Loss

Welcome Micro Scalp Clinic, We provide exceptional scalp pigmentation services in Boston, Springfield, Orlando, Canada & Miami. Scalp Micro Pigmentation can assist in all types of hair loss for gentlemen and ladies.

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