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SMP Solution For Female Hair Loss:

SMP is the perfect solution for tresses thinning in women as an under layer created by technician gives the delusion of a full head of hair. Apart from the illusion, it stimulates new growth of the tresses as the repetitive insertions to the dermal layer of head’s skin to bring back hair follicles.

Scalp Micropigmentation is best suited for women who are losing this asset from the top and crown area of their head. Scalp Micropigmentation fills and conceals the gap and blends it evenly through the hair. Although, this technique was initially developed for men, but rest assured, MicroScalp Clinic has provided excellent results to female clients too.

Hair Scalp Pigmentation For Women

The images of men dominate all hair restoration websites, but women too suffer from significant hair loss challenges and endure an even bigger stigma connected with it. The reasons behind female hair loss can range from pregnancy, stress and certain medications to vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes, and traction alopecia, i.e. because of pulling and tension from weaves, extensions, and braids.

How Do We Work:

Our application is painless, but if you are too concerned about any discomfort, we will provide you our numbing lotion. Before implanting our inks, we will match the tresses and use one shade darker ink to give the shadow illusion. This illusion will provide the full head of hair look, which is desired. Then we start performing our procedure skillfully through the front line and breaking up the impressions to provide it the natural look. Going on the top and sides of thin tresses, we go much denser to lessen any dissimilarity in the shade between the color of the scalp and the color of the hair to get the complete illusion of density.

You have to repeat the process for two-three times to get the desired results. This procedure is completed within a week of each other, and the healing time amid every session is as little as few hour.

We have broad experience in treating different kinds of tresses loss conditions that any woman can meet with. Many times these conditions are temporary, and the victim can anticipate a full head of locks over time. Meanwhile, the victim needs a solution that gives camouflage for the year and causes no damage to the existing follicles that is what SMP is known for.

If you are looking for a female tresses loss solution, which is comfortable, durable, maintenance-free, undetectable, and above all affordable, then SMP will be your best option, and particularly when you appoint trained, certified technicians of MicroScalp Clinic to do this for you.