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Mesotherapy For Women

Mesotherapy For Women Hair Loss

Women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair thus seek treatment to overcome the problem. Mesotherapy is a baldness treatment option that allows women with reducing hair loss, promoting hair re-growth. It can also hold up male pattern baldness. It is a procedure that controls the vitamins, proteins and other nutrient levels and growth features in the scalp of the woman suffering from balding. This process is done by inserting in the least sensitive manner, nutrient boosters with the help of an injection gun to support in the hydrating and nourishing of the scalp. It also incorporates promoting cell metabolism, discarding infections and initiating and speeding hair growth, recuperating blood circulation, strengthening, and stimulating hair follicles to develop voluminous, dense, long, strong, and healthy tresses.

Mesotherapy is comparatively faster treatment than others as it helps to gradually restore the hormonal balance that accelerates the growth of new hair strands. This procedure is used in U.S. with great success. When done by our professionals it is safe and virtually painless. No local anesthesia or dressing is required, and you can just go back to your work once the treatment is done.

Mesotherapy Brings The Right Things To The Right Place Where It Is Needed So That

  • The hair follicle can grow and survive
  • The excess of dihydrotestosterone is neutralized
  • The blood circulation of the scalp is stimulated

When our experts perform your session it lasts less than half an hour. Mostly our patient needs up to five sessions over a period of four to six months before getting significant results, however, our experienced mesotherapist will tell you if your individual case requires less or more sessions.


This wonderful treatment can potentially eradicate the prerequisite of hair transplant surgery and other painful and expensive alternatives. However, remember that it work best when toxins are abolishes from, the diet and you are following a healthy exercise program.