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microscalpspringfield | Mesotherapy For Men
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Mesotherapy For Men

Alopecia Treatment With Scalp MigroPigmentation

Alopecia Areata can occur over any part of the scalp, and it is evident in small patches of hair loss. The primary cause is the improper functioning of the immune system that leads hair to shed. Some treatments might sometimes help in re-growing the hair on patches but these treatments are not permanent, and the problem can reoccur. Even surgical hair restoration is not suggested by dermatologists as there is no assurance of durability.

At MicroScalp Clinic, we know just how satisfying it can be to help victims suffering from alopecia. We can attain successful camouflaging of alopecia symptoms with the support of SMP. SMP is a useful approach in two manners: Firstly, this procedure completely conceals real signs of alopecia; and secondly, the positive effects of the treatment will still exist if the patch shifts position or change in shape or size. You have to go for at least four sessions to achieve optimum results. This inventive hair loss procedure is a treatment against alopecia that can affect all skin types, incorporating black, white, Asian, and Oriental skin tones.

Advantages of Mesotherapy given by us

  • Very Effective: Mesotherapy is a treatment in which nutrients are replenished that your scalp requires growing tresses. It improves the blood circulation; strengthen your follicles that lead to healthy hair growth.
  • Fast Recovery: this treatment includes no incisions or cuts and so no wounds that need time to heal. You can fulfill your regular duties just after the procedure. A cooling gel or an ice pack is all that you may want to deal with uneasiness if any.
  • Safe: the components in the solution are cautiously chosen on the basis of requirement of the patient. Our experts take your allergies into account well before inserting the injections.
  • Painless: usually a numbing cream is applied to your scalp before injecting the micro injections. The needles in the injections are fragile and hardly make you feel the pinch. The pain of the injection is very minimal, and the numbing cream takes well care of that pain.
  • Natural Results: we have designed Mesotherapy in such a way that it stimulate the re-growth of tresses by strengthening the follicles and improve the blood circulation. Therefore, the outcome you will experience will be completely natural and healthy.
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