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microscalpspringfield | Laser Therapy For Men
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Laser Therapy For Men

Low-level laser therapy is a common term that illustrates laser treatment treats your hair loss problem in an effective and efficient manner. Laser light infiltrates deep into the tissue of the scalp and promotes the blood supply, cell metabolism, and protein synthesis. Laser hair restoration therapy stimulates cell activity and allocates more nutrients to reach the follicles, thus improving tresses growth. A scientific, non-surgical, and side-effect free approach, which is medically verified fruitful and safe.

At MicroScalp Clinic, we utilize the newest, high-tech tresses laser therapy to produce the best results for you. We also integrate other procedures to make the healthiest setting for growth, because we understand that you will feel as good as you look. Our motto is to provide the best available laser tresses loss and balding, thinning hair solutions in the U.S. to meet and surpass your anticipation every time.

Laser Therapy Schedule:

We recommend up to three 30-minute treatments a week that will continue for eight weeks, one treatment in a week will go for 16 weeks, followed by two treatments in a month will carry on for six months. Quarterly treatments are prescribed according to maintenance. Every participant taking treatment for 20 minutes a day has experienced the following aspects:

  • The size of hair follicle increases, which leads to fuller, lustrous hair and the change is visible within 18-26 weeks of treatment
  • A slowing down of tresses loss occurring within 4-18 weeks of treatment
  • Growth of new healthy tresses clearly seen at 26-52 weeks into treatment

Advantages of MicroScalp Clinic’s laser therapy are multiples it not only helps in re-grow but also offers huge other benefits:

  • Just after one sitting the blood supply in the scalp rises to 50%
  • Impedes hair loss for future
  • Arouses tresses follicle
  • Make the growth of shiny, soft, fuller, and easily manageable hair possible
  • Provides relief from irritation in the scalp
  • Repairs and improves the quality of tresses shaft
  • Increases the strength and elasticity of hair
  • Also aids in repairing the damage caused by straightening, coloring, and perming


You do not have to be anxious about your image any longer. At MicroScalp Clinic, caring kindhearted, well-trained consultants are always ready to give information, guidance, direction, and privacy in a cordial and calming atmosphere. Just relax as your hair loss problem is going to be treated by good hands.